Treat Yo' Lashes with Love!

Welcome to our first blog! Below are a few "Must Have" items in order to keep your lashes clean and looking to their fullest potential! With these items, maintenance tips are easy to follow.

BELLA LASH Lash Cleanser

Click on image to purchase item

Click on image to purchase item

Absolute must! Bella’s Deep Lash Cleanser is a thorough rinsing formulation to nourish and remove all makeup and impurities. With vitamin A, D, and E, Bella’s Deep Lash Cleanser nourishes and strengthens your natural lashes and leaves them feeling clean and refreshed.

The formulation includes Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea extracts to help moisturize and soothe your skin. Did you know that Green Tea has been proven to prevent common problems with lashes such as Blepharitis.

How To Use: Thoroughly coat lash line with cleanser. Wash gently with clean eye shadow brush or finger tips. After cleansing, completely rinse lash cleaner out with water and pat dry with a towel. Apply cleanser 2-3 times per weeks (and ALWAYS before lash appointment)!

  • Lash Cleansers available for purchase at TYS studio or you can get them online by visiting

JOHNSON'S Oil-Free Baby Shampoo

Perfect alternative for lash cleanser. Johnson's Baby Shampoo is as gentle to the eye as pure water. Although gentle, it is very effective. Mix with water and apply to the lash line the same way you would with the lash cleanser.

ELF Eye Shadow Brush

We recommend ELF makeup brushes because they are only $1 but really any NEW eye shadow brush will do the job! Use brush to work the lash line with lash cleanser or baby shampoo. A thorough wash will help cleanse any difficult to remove eye make-up, sweat and other build up. After cleansing, rinse with water and pat dry with towel (do not let air dry).

  • ELF eye shadow brushes available for purchase at TYS studio

NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Although we do not recommend daily eye makeup, of course there will be occasions when you want a little a eye liner or eye shadow. The best way to remove eye make up is with a liquid oil-free makeup remover and a Q-tip to get those hard to reach areas.

How to use: Simply dip Q-tip in oil-free make up remover and rub gently off to the side, never rub through the lashes (unless your cleansing). After removing all makeup, take another Q-tip with water and run over the lash line again to remove makeup remover - do not splash face afterwards.

NEUTROGENA Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Cleansing towelettes are a great way to remove any face makeup so you don't have to worry about getting your lashes wet when washing your face. Of course, if you have a specific face wash that you use daily we are not going to make you change your routine, just make sure that it is oil-free and that you are only washing around your eyes. The towelettes are also a good alternative to remove any eye makeup, just be cautious of getting any lint caught in your lashes!

Dry Mascara Wand

Your lash brush is going to become your new best friend! Brushing your lashes daily will keep them looking nice and will help maintain lash growth. With extensions, you are going to brush your lashes every morning and after showers. Keep brush separate from makeup bag in a clean safe place to prevent lint and other build up.

  • A lash brush will be provided to you at appointment - if your brush gets lost or dirty you can always grab an extra one at Sephora.

BELLA LASH InfinityLash

Click on photo to purchase item

Click on photo to purchase item

InfinityLash gives your eyelashes the nutrients they crave. The lash-stimulating peptide complex support the lash’s natural renewal cycle making the lashes thicker, bolder and healthier. When used properly, you will notice thicker and fuller lashes within 4 weeks. InfinityLash is safe to use with eyelash extensions and will not break down the adhesive bond.

How to use: Apply twice daily, for six weeks, on clean and dry skin at the base of upper eyelashes. Once desired look is achieved, apply serum once daily or however much you wish.

  • You can get InfinityLash online by visiting

Spring Valley Biotin 1000-5000mcg

Biotin is NOT recommended for all clients but it is a great option for those who don't naturally have long and thick lashes. Biotin is a B vitamin that can be used to make hair stronger. It can be taken before or during application of eyelash extensions to help improve lash growth.

How to use: Take 1 tablet a day until desired look is achieved. Generally people will start by taking 1,000mcg and work there way up to 5,000mcg. You can find 1,000 and 5,000 mcg biotin pills at your local pharmacy or health food store.